[Watch] Syrian Cat Out of the Bag or a Simple Mistake – Earnest Says Obama Ordered Attacks


The Obama regime, through their spokesperson Josh Earnest is trying to spin the admitted lack of a strategy by the Obama White House as something more along the lines of a strategy in development.

In response to questioning by Fox News’ Ed Henry, Earnest does his best to defend his “president” by equating meetings with taking action and assigning responsibility to others.

Those gathered in the briefing room could hear the sound of Marine One taking off, transporting Obama to his busy schedule of Fundraising and a wedding, while he admittedly still has no comprehensive strategy about what to do regarding the ISIS threat.

Ed Henry asks Earnest if Obama is making empty threats of American response to the Foley beheading and whether Obama is disengaged.

At the 3:07 point of the video there is a back and forth with Ed Henry in which Earnest says Obama has already ordered military action in Syria, which he says twice in spite of being “corrected” by Henry.  Did Earnest misspeak, inadvertently acknowledging that military action in Syria already been ordered or did he just mean to say Iraq? Time will tell.

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