[Watch] “Stubborn-Headed Delusional Detached” Obama Caused Iraq Situation


The CNN anchors couldn’t believe their ears when Senator Lindsey Graham gave his evaluation of what led us to where we are in Iraq. Graham said, “This stubborn-headed president we have, who thinks he knows better than everybody else, who withdrew troops and exposed this country to the inevitable, needs to change his policies quickly. If he does, we can still save this.”

They repeat back to him, “Stubborn-headed president?”

So he made it more clear for them, as they are liberal and the truth is a difficult thing for them to process, saying distinctly, “Stubborn-headed, delusional, detached president.”

Graham goes on to characterize this as another 9/11 in the making. He says Obama needs to “get into the game,” in addition to earlier comments that we need to have a dialogue with Iran, which the conditions have created the opportunity for.

He says we need to get involved with air power, stop the march towards Baghdad, deal with Syria but get a new government in place as quickly as you can, that will bring the Iraqis back together for a counter-offensive.

He closes saying, “If we don’t, if we don’t, God help us because we’re next.

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