[Watch] Sheriff Paul Babeu – Money Obama Wants To Legalize Illegals Would Pay For Fence, Staffing, Security


There is no doubt that border security is an impediment to the goals of B. Hussein Obama. If he wanted to secure the border, it would already be done. He wants instead to have an open border through which he can import his future voting bloc as well as enough criminals and terrorists to accomplish whatever other destabilizing or manipulative goals he may have.

Sheriff Paul Babeu is Neil Cavuto’s guest and he describes how the $3.7 billion dollars that Obama has requested simply supports amnesty at the expense of security.

Babeu points out how, ironically, the figure of $3.7 billion is exactly the amount that the GAO said would be required to secure the border. For that expenditure, we could purchase 700 miles of 14 foot high, corrugated steel “no-climb” fencing, as well as fund 6,000 troops and provide the necessary technology to successfully defend our nation. We would also be free of the expense associated with supporting illegal aliens and more effectively utilize the money being spent on the “war on drugs.”

He says, “Instead, what the president is doing here, is wasting this money, because there is no enforcement of law. There are no consequences for breaking the law.”

Babeu says, “What he’s doing is sending an invitation to the millions and millions of illegals who will come from Mexico and Central America in the future, by saying if you get to the border, you’re home free, you’re welcomed with open arms.”


Babeu says “there is no law for people from foreign countries who come here, disrespect our country and its immigration process, and we’re made to feel somehow as the bad guys, in this process. And this is America turned up on its head.”

Asked by Neil Cavuto whether he believes border security is part of the package, Sheriff Babeu answers, “It’s a lie. I’ve seen it a hundred times from this administration” and details just some of the experiences he’s had in dealing with DHS and the regime that tell him unmistakably that border security and Obama don’t mix.

He says “It is outrageous that we in America do not have sovereign borders that we can protect and secure.” The sheriff adds, “It is insulting to the American people and the rule of law that he is failing to address a problem of this magnitude.”

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