[Watch] Sheriff Joe Arpaio – America is Under Attack, Barack Obama is the Aggressor


Maricopa County, AZ, Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently wrote that the United States is under attack and Barack Obama is the aggressor, an increasingly prevalent view among the American citizenry.

Arpaio says that by being the “leader,” Obama is responsible for what is happening on the border. He says in his experience leading the DEA, action is required overseas in advance of the drugs reaching our border, and he wonders where why there aren’t similar actions presently underway with the human smuggling and our southern border.

He says, “Where was the CIA, where was the State Department, where was the U.S. Ambassador? You’re trying to tell me they did not know that this activity would be occurring? If they did not know there’s something wrong over there.

Sean Hannity asks the Sheriff if he believes ISIS terrorists can cross that border and if he believes they already have crossed that border.

Arpaio responds, “Of course, anybody can cross that border.” He says they all watch the news, they hear the politicians. He says, “They know it’s not secured, so why not utilize that 2,000 mile border to sneak across? That’s just common sense.”

He says we need to be engaged in foreign country to prevent them from ever reaching our border.

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