[Watch] Sheriff Babeu – Obama Doesn’t Get to Pick and Choose The Laws We Obey or Enforce


Speculation has been ignited regarding a return trip by Hussein Obama to DC, which interrupts his vacation. He was originally scheduled to take a two day work-break from the 17th to the 19th, which would be followed by more vacationing. Many feel that he’ll be putting the finishing touches on some type of unconstitutional acts, rumored and feared to be a further degradation of American immigration law enforcement.

Sheriff Paul Babeu prays that isn’t what it is but he wouldn’t be surprised. He points out how Obama’s been leading up to this, even though he has repeatedly acknowledged that doing so exceeds his authority. Questioned as to the numbers of illegals he thinks Obama is going to wave his magic pen over, Babeu says that regardless of how many it is, he’s undermining the rule of law in this country.

Babeu points out that Obama is violating his oath to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. He says, “These are the laws, we don’t get to pick and choose the laws, and the immigration laws are there for a reason and we should enforce them. If you want them changed, the president should work to change them.”

He says “It’s not going to stop, until we secure this border.” He recognized the actions of Texas Governor Rick Perry in acting in the absence of a lawful federal government to secure the border. He points out how one of the few enumerated powers and responsibilities of the federal government is to secure the border and how Obama is failing to do that.

Sheriff Babeu points out that if 123,000 illegals can get through the border, just in his sector alone, then you extend that number out across the entire length of the border, it’s not secure. He adds to that ease of access to our nation the international terror threat presented by ISIS. He says, “The likely avenue of approach for our enemy is through these unsecured borders.

There is also a policy of the regime to release criminals who don’t even belong in our country onto our streets. Babeu gives his personal insight into that situation.

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