[Watch] Sheila Jackson Lee – Border Patrol Can Change Diapers While Fighting Cartels, Smugglers


He comments are clearly intended to bolster the tanking view of her “president” in a nation that is finally waking up to their crisis not only at the border but the more serious one in the White House.

It is most ironic that a person of Ms Jackson-Lee’s inabilities and deficient intellect could somehow be seated on the National Security Committee, but she is, and that reality serves to demonstrate just how serious of a situation we are in.

She is interviewed about a meeting she is about to have with Obama in Austin, near the border, but probably a safe distance from cartels, smugglers and his disease-infested recruits.

Much was made of his decision not to go to the border, and while the politics probably made it difficult, there is also a possibility that the Secret Service said no, that they couldn’t ensure his safety on our “secure” open border.

The interviewers asks her what she hopes to accomplish in her upcoming interview with Obama, as if he’s going to get anything close to an honest response.

They will be talking about how to maximize the flow of illegals into the country, how to hide the negatives, particularly the undefended border, the disease, and the public outrage. They’ll be trying to get as many rubber stamp “judges” hired as possible, in order to create new socialist party voters.

That’s not what she said. What came out of her mouth is the typical blatant party drivel about how engaged the usurper is and what an excellent job he is doing. She acknowledges he met with religious pawns yesterday, but forgets to mention the governor of her state was also in attendance.

She laughably says that she and Obama are focused on fixing the problem. No, that, Ms Lee, is a lie. You are focused on expanding the problem. In support of her erroneous claim, she credits herself with introducing legislation to add more immigration judges, a means to provide amnesty. That is hardly a solution; that is an incentive.

She then demonstrates her absolute lunacy and lack of credibility, saying that she has been told by border agents that they can change diapers, make formula and still defend the border. How, Ms Lee? They need to be in remote areas where the cartels operate, they need to be on the Rio Grande, turning away intruders. They simply can’t do that with a child in their arms or bent over a changing table.

Our situation at the border is extremely serious. Having someone like Jackson-Lee on the Homeland Security Committee, working in conjunction with the open-border socialists in DC, is a national emergency. We have a total absence of intelligent, pro-American leadership and that will have consequences for our nation.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us