[Watch] She Can’t Handle The Truth – Pelosi Interrupts, Chases Down House Rep Who Struck a Nerve


Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania Tom Marino puts Nancy Pelosi and her lying ilk in their place from the floor of the House of Representatives. If there’s one thing that will get a response out of the haggard former Speaker, it’s a member of the opposition exposing the lies she has worked so diligently to fabricate from into legislative tools.

Marino says clearly that if the Democrats wanted to do something about the border situation other than make political hay out of it, they should have acted when they had control of the House as well as the Senate and Executive Branch. He asserts that they waited until they could use it for political benefit, which is the point we are at now.

He also points out that we don’t have law and order now, we have gangs and drugs coming across the southern border and the Democrats “don’t want to do anything about it.”

He said we need to pass the legislation, make sure that the children get back to their families and we need to “line up and protect this border from people coming across.”

That’s all Pelosi could take. She got up out of her chair and challenged Marino during his comments. He tutored her a little on the situation, informed her that what he was saying was in fact the truth and suggested that she needed to do the same type of research that he had done.

The final icing on the cake was when he closed his arguments, referencing her misbehavior as indicative of the fact that he had “struck the right nerve” on the lawless open border invasion.

She can’t contain herself and attempts to again chase him down but Marino seems to have already left. She wanted to give him a piece of her mind but maybe she’s better off. That is a commodity that seems to be in an already limited supply.

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