[Watch] Sharyl Attkisson – Obama Hiding Illegal Alien Children in Shelters Shell Game


The least transparent administration in history operates to a great degree in secrecy, probably due in large part to the lawless and anti-American nature of their actions.

Sharyl Attkisson is interviewed by Steve Malzberg, bringing even more of the Obama shadiness to light, as it relates to their policies surrounding the transformation of America into Latin America.

She says that even members of Congress, with an oversight duty, have been unable to ascertain the whereabouts of the imported illegal alien populations from Central America. Information as to the locations of the “shelters,” and how many illegals are being sent to each one is being withheld.

Information as to the contracts that have been signed is also not being provided. She points to one instance in which Senator Charles Grassley wrote to HHS regarding a planned $50 million expenditure to purchase a hotel and turn it into a shelter. That project would have equaled a per child expense of $166,000 per year, not an insignificant sum for the supposed non-profit that would have received the contract.

Attention to the scam sent those cockroaches scurrying, but it is indicative of the overall shortcomings and problems with the system.

Malzberg asks her under what premise are the feds denying the information, but there is no answer. As in all things Obama, they will hide their misdeeds through whatever form of obstructionism best serves their purposes.

No premise is needed; they simply act as they choose with impunity.

Attkisson points out that it is the policy of the executive branch, particularly this criminal one to ignore FOIA requests and wait for a lawsuit before being forced into compliance. Usually that lawsuit is not forthcoming as most people don’t have the financial ability to pursue it. When one is filed, the government rogues are using taxpayer money to defend themselves, so there really is no disincentive to criminal or negligent behavior.

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