[Watch] Senator John McCain Says Obama In Denial or Overwhelmed by ISIS


Major Garrett asks John McCain what a “full-blown” strategy against ISIS would look like.

McCain responds by saying that our strategy has to include a strategy. Hopefully his answer will include an answer as well. He sounds rather Obamaesque in his comments, mentioning that a strategy would include an understanding that ISIS has erased the border between Syria and Iraq and reminding us that they are a serious threat.

McCain says one of the greatest mistakes ever made, was Obama nixing his push to arm the Free Syrian Army. He doesn’t mention those same rebels were holding and eventually turned over for slaughter James Foley or that many of them are now joining up with ISIS and al-Qaeda and would have taken the arms we provided with them. As long as they don’t like Assad, they’re the kind of moderates McCain trusts, so that makes them our allies. That same kind of logic hasn’t worked out so well in Libya.

Garrett takes three shots at getting a direct answer, but McCain succeeds in not providing one, shifting the topic to his second favorite potential arms customer, Ukraine.

Asked what America should be doing in Ukraine, the chattering McCain provides us with a history lesson and is eventually reined back to the point. He says the answer lies in the United States providing the arms he’s been lobbying for since the American-led coup which fostered the current hostilities.

McCain calls what is taking place in Ukraine an invasion and that from a Ukrainian perspective, acts of war have been committed by Russia. He describes it as a conflict that “requires our participation.”

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