[Watch] Sen Jeff Sessions Standing Up For Americans – Border Crisis A Creation of Outlaw Obama


Senator Jeff Sessions says “The first responsibility of a Congress, a Senate, when they consider an immigration bill is what is in the interest of the American people. And I don’t believe it is wrong to discuss that. We have to ask what’s in our national interest.”

Sessions says he wants America to know that the Democrat controlled Senate is no willing to do anything to address the border problem unless they get a “massive increase that satisfies activist groups, business interests and their own political interests.”

He points out that that is not the interest of the American people. He says, “We need to do the right thing for our country, based on law, on principles, on fairness; that’s what we need to do.”

He says the problems at the border are a result of Obama announcing to the world that we will not deport anyone.

He’s critical of hypocritical senators who block action on securing the border and go home over the fourth of July break to their BBQ’s, claiming to be working on the problem.


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