[Watch] Sen Jeff Session – 5 Million More American Jobs About to Go to Illegals Under Obama


Senator Jeff Sessions reminds the Senate that they have a duty to protect their institution as well as their constituents. He says that to date Obama has issued half a million work permits to people who are in the United States illegally. He says that now Obama wants to issue another five to six million work permits to illegals of any age despite it being prohibited by law.

Senator Sessions says, “He is not entitled to do that, plain law says that you cannot employ someone in the country unlawfully.”

The occupant of the White House is providing a means to circumvent the law in hiring non-Americans at a time when millions of Americans are out of work. He says that Obama’s plan is a direct affront to American citizens seeking employment as well as to law-abiding people around the world who have applied for legal status.

Sessions said that “Congress should not adjourn until it has firmly stood against Obama’s unconstitutional and dangerous actions. The American people are asking for us to help, they’re pleading with us to help and we must answer their call.”

While wages and labor force participation have declined to their lowest levels since the 1970’s, thirty million immigrant and foreign work visa have been issued since the year 2000. Americans with jobs during this period declined.

Shockingly, the number of Americans working in 2014 is lower than the number working in 2000, even though the population is greater.

He asks, “Isn’t it time we did something for American workers? Who do we represent? Don’t we represent the people of this country?”

He says the bill before the Senate “provides money but doesn’t address the underlying policy problems in any real way that would end the lawlessness and end the belief by people around the world that if they can just come to the United States, particularly if they come as a young person, they’ll be allowed to stay. We have not acted to end this belief in any effective way.”

Senator Sessions says, “It’s indicative of the lack of seriousness of the majority party when they produce such a poor piece of legislation.”


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