[Watch] Sen Chuck Schumer Targeted Rep Steve King as True House Amnesty Opposition Leader


This is just more evidence to add to the mountain that grows daily that the border “crisis” is the fabricated Democrat border “opportunity” Nancy Pelosi was gushing over when it first started.

Although it has been obvious for a while that Democrats were preparing for the rollout of some sort of underhanded event to get amnesty through, nobody except for the parties who created the scheme would have imagined that they would have triggered the mass invasion that they have.

Back in the first week of June of this year, Senator Chuck Schumer made a speech on the Senate floor in which he derided House Rep Steve King and compared him unfavorably to the Wizard of Oz. Schumer and his ilk recognized that King is a no-nonsense supporter of freedom and the rule of law and as such, needed to be taken out.

He took a shot his boy on the inside, Speaker Boehner as well, saying that the House gavel has actually been passed to Rep King on the issue of amnesty. In one short speech Schumer simultaneously goaded Boehner and labeled King as an extremist.

The fact that defending your country from invasion merits the label of extremist from the Democrat party leads to the logical conclusion that flying monkeys have indeed taken over the Senate.

Schumer may not have gotten the word yet, but it seems that Nancy Pelosi has also been observed scouring the House, looking for a pair of ruby slippers, and a little dog too.

The first video is Schumer attacking King, the second is video from Sunday which clearly indicates the reason he was targeted by the Democrat socialists.

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