WATCH: Second White House Jumper This Month


A second attempt in just one month’s time has been made on the White House. Twenty-three year old Dominic Adesanya of Bel Air, Maryland jumped over the White House fence Wednesday night, though this intruder didn’t get quite as far as the last one did.

Adesanya only made it to the North Lawn before being apprehended by two security dogs. He was unarmed at the time, though he did wrestle the dogs.

Around 7:15 p.m. TV news crews captured a video of the attempt, showing a man in white shorts lifting his shirt, then punching and kicking the police dogs. This is the seventh incident this year of someone jumping the White House fence. Although it occurred the same day as the attacks on Canada, according to all reports it is not terrorist related and has no connection to those attacks.

The dictator was home at the time, causing the White House to be on lock down for about an hour and a half after the event occurred. Adesanya was eventually subdued steps from the jump site by both armed officers and guard dogs. He was charged with four misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest and unlawful entry and taken into custody for previous outstanding warrants. He was charged with felonies for assaulting police dogs and making threats. Shortly after being arrested, agents took him to a local hospital with unknown injuries.

The dogs on duty, Hurricane and Jordan, were treated for minor bruising before returning to their posts.