[Watch] Sarah Palin – Constitutionally, If Obama Is Not Impeachable, No One Is


In a speech on Saturday before the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Sarah Palin had some words about the occupier of the White House and the actions that the American people need to take to mitigate the damage that he is doing to our nation.

She explains that high crimes and misdemeanors are not limited by the ordinary definitions usually applied in cases of criminal charges. She cites language used by Alexander Hamilton describing impeachable offenses as the abuse or violation of the public trust. She says that Mr. Hamilton labeled those as “political offenses,” with the injuries being inflicted immediately to our society itself.

She makes the point that “No serious person could deny that ‘team Obama’ has abused and denied the public trust and the Constitution.”

She cites a long list of violations and injuries to our nation, chief among those is violating his oath of office. She says if that’s not impeachable, nothing is and if he’s not impeachable, no one is.

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