[Watch] “Reverend Kerry” Preaching Climate Division Theology to Muslim and Black “Victims”


No topic is ever off-limits to the Democrat pandering machine as is evidenced by the emergence of the Bible as the foundation of the regime’s latest argument in favor of a global climate tax and world government.

Religious freedom is a bad thing from the Democrat perspective when it involves a family-owned business such as Hobby Lobby and their ability to practice to their personal beliefs. It’s much less offensive when the “state variety” of Christianity can be used to make an argument on the federal government’s behalf. Then all is forgotten until the next time the clingers choose to get in the way.

In this instance, Secretary of State John Kerry was using the Bible to create some type of distorted connection between Muslims and Christians. He repeatedly says that we are “inextricably linked” and surely that is their goal, for all Christians to become entangled in Islam.

Mere proclamations don’t make things so but that doesn’t stop Kerry. He’s spent his entire tenure as Secretary of State busily engaged in his real mission of establishing American subservience to the United Nations through treaties and climate regulations.

He and his handlers see an opportunity to use a belief in God against us and possibly against devout Muslims as well. They’ll just add a few new chapters and verses into the scriptures and make it our religious duty to submit to their U.N. domination.

The “inextricably linked” tactic is not unlike the black victimization by climate change pitch thrown out by EPA Chief McCarthy last month. The productive members of the global society are the problem and therefore they must be made to pay a tax to the Earth. The Democrats and United Nations are quite willing to manage the Earth’s money for it, since it has no hands and no use for the stuff.

Kerry is following in the footsteps of his “president,” demonizing the American people internationally for being successful and exposing their beliefs that we must be made to pay for our transgressions. Hard-working Americans have committed sins of success against Muslims and black Americans, according to the regime. Black Muslims should hate us twice as much.

John Kerry has proven that if nothing else, he is consistent. He represents himself and our nation today in exactly the same manner he did during the Vietnam Era; disgracefully.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us