[Watch] Rev James David Manning – Putin Will Out Obama As Homosexual Within 100 Days


Reverend James David Manning begins the countdown saying that within 100 days from August 4th, someone within the Russian government, perhaps Putin himself, will publicly call Obama a homosexual.

Manning says the basis for his prognostication is firstly that he is a homosexual and promotes homosexuality. He says that his suspicions, which he doesn’t have verification for, is that he was pressured into promoting a homosexual agenda by his lover and former “body man,” Reggie Love.

He also talks to what he feels is the strong possibility that there are foreign agencies with photos of Obama, Love and Michelle in compromising situations, relating to the homosexual evidence.

Manning talks of the preparations that Putin is making for the Russian takeover of the super power reins and the PR campaign and the symbolism of a weak, feminine Obama versus a manly Putin.

Then again, Manning has a surprise at the end that reveals his views that there is more to Putin than meets the eye as well.

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