[Watch] Rev Franklin Graham – Global War on Christians Intensifying


Greta Van Susteren has as her guest Rev Franklin Graham. She starts her report with video from a trip the two made in 2012 to Sudan, in which they recorded atrocities being committed by the Sudanese government against Christians. In that report, the Sudanese military was conducting military strikes against their own citizens, based upon their Christian faith.

They discuss the current situation in the world, in particular the Middle East and North Africa, in which similar and in many instances even worse events are taking place. The two were in Irbil, in Iraq this past December. Things have change dramatically in a very short period of time.

Graham recounts how in Syria and Iraq, Christians are being crucified and beheaded, entire families have been buried alive because they refuse to convert to Islam. They are dying, being persecuted and killed for their faith.

He says there are also Muslims being killed as collateral damage, fleeing the brutality that they also refuse to live under.

Graham says “This is Islam and people who follow the Koran; the Koran gives them the basis for doing this.” Graham also says that many of those they encountered were Muslims who were fighting this tyranny, that they also do not wish to live under the brutal authoritarianism of Sharia law.

Rev Graham believes that Obama has finally taken a small step in the right direction by using American air power to strike against ISIS, but that much more is needed. He believes that “They only respond to force,” and it is inevitable that we will need to place some sort of troops into the battle zones, at a minimum in supporting roles.

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