[Watch] Rep Mike Rogers – ISIS Terrorists Only One Plane Ticket Away From Attack on U.S.


The Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence committee, Mike Rogers is interviewed on the current threat posed by Islamic terrorists in general and ISIS in particular.

Rogers is asked how real is the threat from ISIS to which he responds without hesitation, “Oh, it’s a very real threat. He describes how they have been allowed for two years to fester and grow in strength which has prompted radicals across the globe to want to be a part of the “winning organization.”

He makes the point that because of their recruitment of westerners, they are only “One plane ticket away from U.S. shores.”

Congressman Rogers disputes the Pentagon claims that ISIS is not in a position at this time to launch a terror attack against the United States. He says there are much more than the reported number of 2000 terrorist affiliates with western passports is low. He says intelligence has a different figure and it is much higher than that.

He goes on to dispel the myth that the reason behind the separation of ISIS and al-Qaeda was due to the barbaric nature of ISIS.  Rep Rogers attributes it to a difference their focus of operations, with ISIS wanting to hit western targets and al-Qaeda wanting the focus of ISIS to be in Syria.

In their effort to sell the western target focus to al-Qaeda, ISIS leadership argued that their numbers included many with western passports who could travel to Europe and then continue on to the United States without the need of a visa.

He talks of a competition underway between al-Qaeda and ISIS for the position as the top terror organization in the world and with an effective and damaging strike would come recruits and funding.

Rogers says in response to the increased threat level, “we need to regroup.” He says, “We need to engage our Arab league partners who have as much of a problem, as much at stake as we do, they will still cut their heads off and put them on spikes as well. We need to engage them in a more robust campaign against the safe haven in eastern Syria and again, continue to engage in Iraq.”

The Congressman reminds us that “It can’t be about the dam, it can’t be about an individual who was so brutally murdered. These are individuals who have killed thousands of people, executions, beheadings, they’ve sold women into slavery, and they’re going to continue to do it because they believe they’re winning.

Rep Rogers says, “This is an opportunity for the ‘president,’ to take a step back, change his presidential guidance on how we disrupt terrorism around the world, including al-Qaeda, that has been slowing down.” He adds, “We have missed dozens and dozens of opportunities to take really bad people off of the battlefield in the recent, last two years because of policy.”

He’s asked if he’s confident the United States is in a position to defeat ISIS. His reply is that “We have the capability to defeat it, we now have to have the political will and we have to have the policy to do it. We have the first; we don’t have the second two.”

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