[Watch] Rep. Mica Explain To Secret Service Head The Concept Of Home Security


Even the Democrats didn’t buy anything Julia Pierson, head of the Secret Service, was saying or offering on Tuesday in defense of the multitude of security breaches at the White House in recent years, as it turns out.  Across the entire House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, representatives wanted to know if the failures that led to one breach or another had been addressed, and time after time, of course they weren’t.

Rep. John Mica’s (D-Fl.) whimsical unpaid advertising for ADT (at least one would assume it was unpaid) illustrates the frustration that the overseers feel at knowing that the people charged with protecting the White House from intrusion are just not doing their jobs.  Obviously, ADT is not adequate for security for the world’s most powerful leader, but they at least would have notified the homeowner that a window was broken.  A bullet breaking it would have been incidental.



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