[Watch] Rep Louie Gohmert – Border Crisis Deliberate, Can Be Fixed by Simply Enforcing the Law


Rep Gohmert breaks it down; the reason for the flood of illegals is because word has gotten out that the American border is not being enforced. The administration was so certain that this would be the result that they had issued a solicitation back in January seeking transport for 65,000 unaccompanied children.

The Congressman points to the desperate conditions these kids are living in, totally created by B. Hussein Obama and equally preventable and correctable by returning to border enforcement. He raises the possibility of sending in the National Guard to secure our borders, saying one of his least favorite presidents, Woodrow Wilson, did it and it worked.

Rep Gohmert believes, as do many Americans, that this is a deliberate political move to overwhelm the system and import Democrats.

As to working with Obama on the border, Gohmert says Obama has shown he is not going to follow the law. That is why Gohmert and others are so adamant that the border must be secured first.

They also talk about Rep Gohmert’s bounty for the missing IRS emails, in the amount of $1 million dollars.

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