[Watch] Rep Labrador – DHS Chief Shameful, Making Stuff Up As He Goes Along


Rep Raul Labrador (R-ID) opens his comments to David Gregory saying the open to the show should be changed from “If it’s Sunday it’s Meet the Press” to “If it’s Sunday it’s another administration official making stuff up on Meet the Press” he adds that “it’s really shameful.”

Gregory asks what specifically did Johnson make up, and Labrador is happy to provide a list.

First is the claim that the “refugees” are fleeing violence in their home countries. Labrador says the level of violence and poverty has existed in these countries for a long period of time. The influx in illegal aliens has only increased over the last two years of the weak or non-existent Obama border enforcement.

He next disputes the claim by Johnson that he will stem the tide of border crashers, which is expected to quadruple to 200,000 next year. These are their estimates. Labrador points out the inconsistency in claiming that DHS will be doing everything they can to stem the flow, while placing the priority on accommodating the illegal aliens.

Labrador says the solution is immediate deportation, which will eliminate the crisis being created by the regime at the border. It’s very simple; they are only making the trip because they believe they will be able to stay.

Gregory says it sounds harsh and impractical to deport the border-crashers, claiming it is not in keeping with what it means to be America.

Labrador mentions a frustration people feel with the administration and that sets Gregory off. He didn’t like the sound of that and immediately responds that the frustration is not with only the administration. He blames House Republicans for blocking the amnesty bill, something they should be applauded for.

Labrador says the 2008 law which mandates preferential treatment for those from areas other than Mexico and Canada needs to be changed.

Labrador makes a final point that the DACA deferred or non-enforcement of 2012 is behind the current problems we have today on the border.

He also points out that it was once again impossible for an interviewer, this time Gregory, to get a straight answer from DHS Secretary Johnson as to whether or not the Central American children will be deported. Clearly, he does not intend to do so if there is any means through which he can avoid it.

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