[Watch] Rep. Jason Chaffetz Lay Out A Benghazi Stunner

If this is true, even remotely true, it makes the Nixon White House cover-up of the Watergate break-in look like child’s play.

No less than Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, was directing what documents would actually be handed over to the State Department Accountability Review Board and Congress.  A State Department deputy assistant secretary, Raymond Maxwell, claims that other documents were scrubbed of information that might be damaging to Clinton (and thus her chances to be president someday) and her senior staff.  For his trouble, this diplomat with a commendable reputation was recommended for disciplinary action.

When Chaffetz says that Mr. Maxwell’s story has been consistent, that means congressional leaders believe him.   Truth tellers’ stories don’t change.  That’s quite an accusation to make if it is not true.

As the Benghazi Special Committee pushes into high gear, it will be interesting to see if Rep. Gowdy and company put Mr. Maxwell and the other people who were in that basement room on the hot seat.

At this point, we are nowhere close to the real truth.

H/T – Ulsterman 

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