[Watch] Remember “Complete the Danged Fence?” Amnesty Hypocrite John McCain Changes Tune on Border


Maybe it’s time for McCain to dust off his old “just build the danged fence” campaign videos so he can help us forget that he’s responsible for a lot of the mess that Americans, and Arizonans in particular, find themselves in today with our border, and the gates that he played a large role in flinging open.

McCain chooses his words very carefully as he chastises the culpable Obama for the same policies that McCain himself has been a proponent of, particularly in his support and writing of the Senate Amnesty Bill. Now, as things are blowing up all around him, McCain once again reverts back to that shadow McCain that pretends to be an Arizona statesman.

McCain says of Obama, “His message should be no more allowance of people to stay in this country who cross our border illegally.” We must have hit the full level and not known it, as McCain is pulling a complete 180 degree turn on his amnesty position. He begins his statement at the :47 point of the first video.

That video goes on to show a point by point list of the actions the regime will supposedly be taking to control our border. Interestingly, with one exception, this involves nothing drastic, just a basic return to the enforcement of existing laws as was done in the past, before those with an alternative agenda arbitrarily decided to stop enforcing them.

That one exception is money, $255 million in the form of grants to the leadership of the child trafficking export nations; extortion payments to put a stop to the invasion that they are orchestrating.

Lawlessness begets lawlessness.

Here’s McCain’s “Complete the Danged Fence” campaign ad, in which he uses Sheriff Paul Babeu as a human prop, offering credibility, followed by one that mocks his failure to follow through on his promises, leaving the border wide open, and allowing the invasion to continue and escalate.

“Where’s the Fence?”

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