[Watch] Refugee Law Being Distorted by Obama, America Simply Reuniting Illegal Alien Families


Of course the 2008 refugee law is an excuse to import illegals into the country, to fundamentally transform America into the socialist nation that Obama promised us. We all have hopes that enough of our elected officials wake up in time to what is going on.

Congressman James Lankford (R-OK) has a couple of ideas of a more correct way to handle the fiasco that is being forced upon our nation by the socialist Democrats. He says one option that would be cheaper than what we are presently doing in the short term, and which would have no expense long term, would be to fly the invaders back home.

He says it would be cheaper to fly them first class, with an escort than what we are doing now. Of course, they wouldn’t be able to vote from Central America so that does kind of defeat the regime’s intent.

Congressman Lankford also exposes that most of the illegals are being reunited with family members already in the United States, over half of them illegal parents. That fact alone should automatically invalidate any consideration under the 2008 law. He says Obama is hiding behind a law that doesn’t even apply.

What we are doing is reuniting family members who are in America illegally with other illegal family members.

The Obama regime is once again manipulating the interpretation or enforcement of the law in order to suit their agenda. Again, if this is not an impeachable violation of United States Law, what is?

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