[Watch] Really Maria? Chubby Illegal Claims Extreme Hunger in Guatemala


Maria Regulorio is almost crying to the reporter as she describes her difficult life in her own country of Guatemala. She details how “there are a lot of hardships because of the hunger, more hunger than you can imagine. Some days you eat one meal, some days you don’t eat at all.”

We then see Maria the next day, and she doesn’t look at all malnourished. In fact, she probably meets the weight to height definitions of obesity.

She says she just completed a twenty two day trek across Mexico to the United States. Maybe she was on a slow train, or donkey, but that trip is officially estimated to take 72 hours in the invasion agreement recently signed by the Guatemalan and Mexican presidents.

None of the many people in the crowded facility look to be at all malnourished or underfed.

It makes you wonder how much of the rest of the stories are also fabrications for American consumption.

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