[Watch] Reality Check: War On Women Goes To The Ladies, Ben Shapiro’s Take


Hillary Clinton and her magic X chromosomes…and she rose to national prominence because of her husband.  Minor little fact.

According to the statistics Ben Shapiro provides, by every measure EXCEPT taking time to raise kids – the most important job adults have in civilization – thus resulting in lower wages in some jobs, women have come out ahead in the last fifty years.   Domestic abuse (male on female) is down, contraception for the people too lazy to pay attention to their bodies and a calendar is cheap, women are getting more advanced degrees, women’s starting salaries are higher….

To the War on Women revolutionaries, the main function of a woman’s life that seems to be holding some back in their own minds is more or less biological: women are the humans who give birth and nurse newborns.  Perpetuating the species is considered a hinderence to material gain.  Never mind continuation of humanity and civilization.  The sacrifice isn’t considered noble in that context.

So, does that mean that the War on Women is really about getting Hillary Clinton elected president, or is it one battle in the war on the family?  Either way, the women have won and have betrayed their natural purpose in life all at the same time.


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