[Watch] Rather Than Act on ISIS, Obama Will Fund Raise Friday in First Week “Back at Work”


More evidence that the characterization of the FSA or “Syrian Rebels” as moderates is wrong-headed starts off this segment from Megyn Kelly. It’s further confirmation that the people who are running this country and our foreign policy don’t really know who our allies are or should be, the kind of reinforcement they provide on a daily basis.

Ed Henry point out to Josh Earnest that what they are labeling a strategy is little more than a catchy slogan. Earnest says the White House has a comprehensive strategy, which looks a lot more like a delaying tactic, to do nothing while the White House allows ISIS to gain in strength.

That’s not beyond the realm of possibility. If Hussein Obama were trying to buy ISIS as much time as possible to grow into an insurmountable force, he’d be doing pretty much exactly what he is doing now. He’d be ignoring the problem, waiting for partners rather than leading, diverting attention and engaging in activities outside of the White House. Those activities might also include the “busy work” of fundraising, which is another bombshell that Henry drops, rather than taking action.

Henry’s bombshell is that Obama, in his first week “back on the job,” will be leaving Washington Friday to attend a Democrat fundraiser in Rhode Island.

This demonstration of where Obama’s priorities are strikes a nerve with Kelly. She talks about the White House and the Middle East situation with Marc Thiessen, who labels the fundraising absurd and the drivel out of Josh Earnest a complete fabrication.


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