[Watch] Race-Baiting Congressman Lewis Wants Obama To Declare Martial Law In Ferguson


The fact that this guy is a Congressman speaks volumes to the flaws in our system. He’s stirring things up, trying to be the MLK that he is not, stoking the fires of racism and division that his party needs in order to feed their election hopes for the upcoming midterms.

Andrea Mitchell says she is seeing scenes in Ferguson that she hasn’t seen in fifty years. She’s missed a lot, then, as a fixture at MSNBC. The unfavorable Rodney King verdict was an excuse for this exactly this type of misbehavior in Los Angeles. That memory escapes her.

Lawlessness encouraged by a lawless president, it’s not just for illegal aliens anymore. Free TVs, microwaves, computers, you name it; as long as it is small enough to carry, it’s all on a “Brick Through The Window Special.”

As usual, the racists in the Congressional Black Caucus are on the blame-whitey wagon. They know it’s a proven tool to raise anger, increase their power and to extort concessions under the threat of violence.

The literacy-challenged Congressman puts on the “humble victim” persona to start off his comments, speaking of how it is “very sad and unbelievable, it’s unreal to see what the police is [are] doing there.” He gives us a geography lesson, including the groundbreaking information that Ferguson, MO is part of the United States.

He then informs us that the people have a right to protest in a “peaceful, non-violent fashion.” Of course, that’s not what they’re doing. They’re exercising their right to riot, their right to loot, and their right as race-baiting Democrats to take advantage of a situation for personal and political gain.

Anyone surprised by this escalation once Al Sharpton and the other socialist racists in the Democrat Party got involved is an idiot. This, as it is with the situation with the border, is an orchestrated event. It’s intended as an election saver and much, much more.

“Coincidentally,” after explaining which countries Ferguson, the city, is not, the “Civil Rights Activist” turned politician, echoes Mitchell’s claims of not seeing this type of thing in fifty years. He says, It take [s] me back to the forties, the fifty [there was only one?], the sixties and then makes what actually could be relevant points about minorities being underrepresented on the police force.

It’s interesting that the Congressman is finally waking up to the militarization of the police in America. His president is the one who has been in power while these purchases were made and this conversion has been under way. Maybe he should have been more vigilant while it was happening, looking beyond skin color when deciding whether or not to support the dictates of his “president.”

He then ups the ante, stating that Obama should declare martial law. More power for Obama, the miracle cure-all is once again being peddled by socialist Democrats. To hear them say it, Obama and Holder would never violate the law or abuse their authority. Their track records indicate otherwise.

He closes with a threat to the American people, twisting our collective arms and paving the way for Obama to declare martial law. He says, “If we fail to act, the fires of discontent will continue to burn, not only in feder – Missouri, but all across America.”

It’s a poetic threat, though it would have sounded better if he hadn’t forgotten the name of the town he was speaking about. Maybe he was thinking ahead to his Federalized States of America and realized he was premature. Regardless, the message came through loud and clear. Give us something to calm us down or we will erupt across the country.

The Georgia Congressman is not helping matters by sticking his nose into Missouri’s affairs, but he and his CBC ilk don’t want things to improve. This is one of the Rahm Emanuel-type crisis opportunities, and they are making the most of it.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us