[Watch] Protests of Mexican President in Calif During Luncheon to Free Andrew Tahmooressi


California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a Republican, is another of those few, principled legislators who won’t be dining with the president of Mexico tomorrow at a luncheon in his honor. Instead, Donnelly will be outside the governor’s mansion taking part in a demonstration demanding the release of Marine Andrew Tahmooressi.

He noted during the “On The Record” program that the governor of California, Jerry Brown made a trip to Mexico and failed to raise the issue, so this is an opportunity for the people to do so.

He RSVP’d, “I won’t be dining with Andrew’s captors, but I will be outside in the streets protesting you along with 500 to 1,000 Americans who want to see our Marine return home.’”

The number of protesters may be well in excess of those estimates, given the response and interest that has been generated in the last few days by a public that is tired of an unresponsive government, content to let this hero languish in prison, too afraid to mention his name to the criminals who are holding him as a political prisoner.

Whatever happened to American greatness? It’s in the people, not the largely gutless sellout politicians. The people will be speaking tomorrow, from the streets of Sacramento.


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