[Watch] Pro-Amnesty La Raza Protesting Sheriff Joe, Calling Citizens “Racist Bigots” is Ultimate Irony


Sheriff Joe Arpaio was invited to speak to a group who identify themselves as Tea Party conservatives in Ramona, California.

It is quite telling the effort which the communist La Raza-types are willing to expend in order to prevent the American citizens from talking about the invasion of their country and what they should do about it.

They are using the Democrat favorite, attacking anyone who disagrees with your position as a racist, which is beyond ironic, coming from a group that is called “The Race.” It’s about defending our nation from invasion, any race and all races included. But they know that.

It’s a good thing the police were on hand. They kept some of the patriots from falling into the trap of responding to antagonism of leftists.

Radio personality and patriot activist Pete Santilli recorded video it is available below. The fireworks with the socialists begin at about the eight minute mark and again later at approximately the 13:30 point. These people don’t just “show up,” they belong to an organized effort to fundamentally change America, and not for the better.

One attendee expressed to the media his disappointment that the Sheriff wasn’t more specific as to what action should be taken regarding the border and that is a legitimate complaint. It would also be a positive development if the investigation into Obama’s falsified documents would finally lead to some action on the part of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department. The sheriff keeps promising, but the damage to our nation continues to worsen and the people would welcome the legal standing that his enforcement actions would provide us.


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