[Watch] Press Secretary Josh “Not So” Earnest Calls Destroyed Emails “Conspiracy Theory”


While the possibility existed with Jay Carney’s departure for a more truthful White House spokesperson to take his place, it is now evident that if anything, Josh Earnest will be less forthcoming than Carney. Earnest appears to be taking the position of White House spokesperson beyond lying, cover-up, protection and propaganda and adding a new component. He’s mixing a healthy dose of opponent ridicule to the Carney recipe.

In this video Earnest identifies those wishing to have IRS emails and evidence released as Republicans, discrediting the investigation as a mere partisan exercise by doing so.

He also labels the assertions that the Lois Lerner emails were “lost” intentionally as conspiracy theory on multiple instances, establishing that as the defense and the new talking point upon which to demean those with a justifiable concern that obstruction and evidence tampering and destruction has taken place.

This regime has absolutely no regard for the law and doesn’t seem to care who knows it.

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