[Watch] Practice Run for Rush on Border, Hundreds of Rioting Mexicans Face Off With Border Patrol


It could be a very ominous sign and one that our weak and submissive posturing has set us up for.

Mexicans massed and taunted the U.S. Border Patrol on Sunday, daring them to do anything in an apparent dry run for an all-out assault.

With the present rules of engagement being to basically run away, and the track record of the Border Patrol agents being prosecuted for doing their jobs, it is a real question what the American response would be in such a situation.

Do we force our brave Border Agents to mimic the cowardness of the Iraqi Army in order to save themselves from personal attack by their own government? We all know what the proper response would be.

Under the current subversive “leadership,” anything could happen.

The video was made by the Mexicans and posted on one of their blogs.

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