[Watch] Police Restrain, Pepper Spray, Force Her Out Of The Room… Nude

A woman from Indiana claims police stripped her of her cloths, left her nude in a cell for several hours and then made her walk through the jail in front of other inmates while she was nude. Tabitha Storms Gentry was also pepper-sprayed during the humiliating incident, her lawyer, Laura Landenwich, told the Journal. Gentry, 31, and Landenwich are planning to filing lawsuit against Floyd County Sheriff Darrell Mills and other officers, the newspaper reported. On March 30, Indiana State Police troopers were contacted after the New Albany woman got into a domestic fight with her estranged husband. The officers brought the mother of four to jail on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting an officer.Inside the jail, Gentry questioned by four officers. Video showed she was compliant but upset, her lawyer said.

Suddenly, the officers grabbed her, restrained her and forced her out of the room, into a padded cell.The video does not have audio but the client must have said something that made the officers upset.

Then, the officers removed all of her clothing, leaving her completely naked. Both male and female officers removed her pants, shirt and undergarments.Landenwich said police threatened to pepper-spray Gentry if she didn’t quiet down.
When she kept shouting, a hand reached into the cell from a slot and sprayed the room, video showed.
Almost 50 minutes later, officers let Gentry out of the cell so she could wash the spray off her body and out of her eyes.
But her smock slipped off when officers handcuffed her, so she walked through the common area of the jail totally exposed, her lawyer said. Police Restrain