[Watch] Pelosi, The Political Child Trafficking Democrat, Argues Against the Trafficking of Children


Pelosi says the purpose of the legislation passed in 2008 was to address the issue of trafficking.

She says we must act in the best interest of the children.

If Pelosi were speaking in regards to American children, she might have an argument. She’s not; as we know she is speaking in reference to foreign children who are crashing our border. National security trumps foreign children interests, Ms. Pelosi. It also should trump Democrat Party interests. It is obvious where her loyalty lies and it is not with the nation she swore and oath to.

When she talks about due process to children, she’s talking about bringing them into the country and giving them citizenship. Make no mistake about it; this is amnesty with a different Latino recipient, nothing more.

She stunningly says she is stunned by the “Republicans’” politicizing this issue. Since the situation was created by the Democrats as a means to change the political makeup of the United States, the source of the politicizing is squarely within the Democrat Party.

She’s an absurd fraud, content to label the entire population of Central America as victims of trafficking.

The traffickers are the Democrats who created the situation to begin with for personal political gain. They are encouraging this activity and enabling it, they are responsible for it happening all the way up to the White House. They may as well be engaged in the activity itself as they created the environment which allowed it to take place.

And she has the nerve to then talk about the “good of the children.” Her hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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