[Watch] Outlaw Obama Blames Congress For Forcing Him To Become a Dictator


Obama’s hands serve many purposes. Six of the most significant and frequent uses are to hold a golf club, to pat himself on the back, to shake other hands in exchange for money at fundraisers, to fist bump with fellow cool people, to point the finger of blame at others and to hold his infamous pen.

In a speech before departing the NATO summit, Obama kept his hands busy pointing his crooked fingers of blame at House members who “forced” him to become a dictator by failing to submit to his demands on amnesty. Basically, if they won’t do as he commands, he’ll rule by decree and blame them for his decision to do so.

This supposed constitutional scholar knows he’s violating the law and our founding document. He doesn’t care, it’s not important. He’s on the verge of transforming our country from a representative government into an autocratic state. The Constitution to him is now simply an old, irrelevant document that he will soon have scrubbed from the history books.

He’s asked by a reporter if there is a downside to waiting until after the upcoming midterms to take the government into his own hands. Obama replies that his criminal co-conspirators in DHS and DOJ, Jeh Johnson and Eric Holder, have prepared the documents for his illegal dictatorial acts, outlining a framework of options for him to choose from. He will select from options which are of varying degrees of lawlessness and which carry with them a range of risks of prosecution and impeachment.

He then goes on offense, attempting to justify his acts by stating that we need immigration reform, a patently untrue statement. The model that came through the Senate is little more than a repackaged version of the existing laws he is already ignoring combined with an illegal alien amnesty. It is not something this nation needs and we also don’t need an authoritarian ruler.

The truth does not pass over this faux president’s lips. He has the nerve to claim that he wants to put more resources on the border, the same border he has deliberately left unguarded as he imported his voting bloc from Central America.

The fact that he issued this statement indicates he would have preferred the House had caved rather than exposing himself as a despotic tyrant. Given the reality of the present situation, he seems willing to abandon his stealth tactics and permit the American public to witness his power grab in full view.

He seems confident that the Democrats and media will provide him with enough cover to weather the upcoming storm.

When it comes to violating American law and our Constitution by becoming the first dictator to try to wrest power from the American people, Obama had no trouble coming up with a strategy. He’s about to show us what it is.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us