[Watch] O’Reilly, Krauthammer – Why Does Obama Ignore Evil and Allow It To Grow?


Bill O’Reilly states his opinion that evil in the world is growing and has gone for the most part unchecked. He goes on to say that Obama simply doesn’t want to confront evil. He asks Charles Krauthammer his opinion as to why that is.

Krauthammer believes it started with Obama’s first trip in 2009, what came to be known as his “apology tour” which Krauthammer describes as more of a confessional tour. Obama, on foreign soil sought to distinguish himself as separate from America, and it’s “sins” in the eyes of the world.

Krauthammer says that he thinks Obama believes that America nets out as doing more harm than good, that he views American power from that perspective and he sees his role individually as retraining American power.

O’Reilly describes the strengthening and growth of ISIS over the last year, with full knowledge of the White House and its team. He says, “For one solid year the most powerful man in the world, really the only one who could have done damage to this group, did not do damage to it, and allowed them to murder human beings at will and grow to in ferocity to where they now are threatening an entire nation.”

O’Reilly continues, “Now I would like to put that question to ‘president’ Obama and I don’t believe he could answer that question. So it’s either he doesn’t care about fellow human beings being slaughtered, he’s too afraid to do it or he’s too apathetic to do it.”

Krauthammer adds another possibility, added to the one before, uncertainty about the righteousness of America and American exceptionalism. Krauthammer believes Obama is clinging to his perceived legacy of ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, of the Nobel Prize winning peacemaker.

To act forcefully and decisively would have been a contradiction of the self-image and of the image he wants in history.

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