[Watch] O’Reilly, Krauthammer on Rush to Judgment, Presumption of Guilt of Ferguson Officer


O’Reilly kicks off the interview by asking why Americans aren’t angered by the people, such as Al Sharpton, who exploit situations such as they are currently doing in Ferguson.

Krauthammer points out how nobody knows yet what has happened but that many are jumping to conclusions, including Governor Jay Nixon, who called for a vigorous prosecution rather than an investigation.

Krauthammer says there is, not only in the Ferguson community but in the media as well, “a presumption of guilt on the part of this officer long before the evidence has come in.”

He goes on to say there are people, whose careers are founded on and flourish in the stoking of these prejudices, these presumptions and these antagonisms.

They also take time to criticize the one-sided media coverage.

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