[Watch] One in Ten California Workers is an Illegal Alien, Governor Still Welcomes All


For the unemployed American citizens in the State of California, it’s probably a difficult thing to accept. Ten percent of the available jobs in the state are filled right now by illegal aliens. Those are jobs that would be available to citizens, if our government were protecting us as they are sworn to do.

Michael Cutler, a former INS special agent discusses that statistic with Neil Cavuto. He says he writes for a group, Californians for Population Stabilization, an organization that contends that 98 percent of the growth in population in that state is due to immigration.

Cavuto notes that the unemployment rate in California is reported to be above the national average, in the neighborhood of 8%, but they note that those figures are artificially low, as the more longterm unemployed are deemed to have given up working and are  conveniently no longer included in the statistics.

He says California has two negatives working against them, Jerry Brown and the connection to the Mexican border.

Cutler says the claim that Americans don’t want to do the jobs that the illegals have is false, that Americans would love to have those jobs. He cites experiences as an INS agent in which they would raid factories and immediately upon the word getting out, there would be people lined up to take the jobs.

Cavuto asks why we don’t crack down on the employers, and they discuss politicians on both sides of the aisle who simply throw their hands up and say there are too many illegals to get rid of. They then decide the appropriate remedy is to reward them with some type of legal status.

The correct response is to make them ineligible for employment through jail terms for employers, make them ineligible for benefits through identification verification and case supervision, and provide them a means through which to self-deport. There will be a tsunami of people heading south.

He asks why would anybody take the time and expense to come to America legally when they can simply circumvent the system by coming illegally.

Cutler harkens back to the first four years of his 30 year INS career, detailing how there are specific groups that those who control access to the country are looking for. They include aliens with communicable diseases, mental conditions, sex offenders, violent offenders, convicted felons, human right violators, war criminals, spies and terrorists. He says if someone is sneaking in, there is good reason to suspect that they belong to one of the excluded categories.

Cutler is also very worried about the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 and he relays a chilling incident he was a party to just prior to the 2001 attacks.

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