[Watch] Oliver North Suggests Obama Passive on ISIS To Please His Terrorist Friends


The pretentious “president” Obama, who claims to be a commander in chief but would obviously really rather be playing dress-up, is exposed by Col Oliver North as he takes apart his meek and meaningless response to the beheading of James Foley.

They open the interview with the news that the death of James Foley is going to be treated as a law enforcement operation. North responds to that with a single word, “stunning.” That is the same way the Fort Hood massacre was handled.

That designation allows one to ignore the terrorist in the black pajamas with the knife and not have to use the word “terrorist.” Then, if you are delusional enough, you can later claim to be winning the war on terror or in other ways ignore the problem. There is no shortage of delusion in the White House.

North reads a quote from Obama, “We will act against ISIL standing alongside others” and asks, “What the Hell does that mean?”

They also discuss how Foley had been held by a supposed “moderate” terrorist group in Syria, the FSA, one of those that Obama, McCain and Graham were demanding we fund and supply. They later turned their captives over to ISIS.

They discuss the folly of trying to contain evil people, with North saying what has to be done is a decision has to be made to attack their high value targets, command and control and logistics inside Syria.

He expresses some concern that the reason it hasn’t been done is due to coordination with the ayatollahs in Iran. That would be an odd partnership but the fact that someone is expressing on-air a response to Obama’s strange actions and alliances which conflict with American interests is a new development and there are many questions of that nature which need to be answered. The Muslim Brotherhood infiltration would be a good place to start.

It’s clear that something has to be done. How long can America continue to allow the socialist girly-man Obama to fiddle and how deep of a hole do we permit him to dig us into?

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