[Watch] Oklahoma Governor Demands Answers on Obama’s Illegal Alien Warehousing and Releases


Fallin says she and her fellow governors want some straight answers and they aren’t getting them. They want to know what Obama’s end game is, what is he planning on doing and start with ending the federal secrecy.

She comments on the original pledge that was made to governors by the regime that the illegals would be staying for only 120 days, and how now they are hearing through back channels that that time frame will likely be extended.

Since the Obama regime is known for only two things, dishonesty and incompetence, the governor should have known better than to have accepted the 120 day pledge in the first place. These illegals will either go somewhere else and become another governor’s problem or they will stay where they are and remain Oklahoma’s problem. One thing that is unlikely to happen after the 120 day orientation period is the repatriation of the illegal aliens to their home countries.

She says in conversations with the federal government, the governors have asked such basic questions as where are the children from. The federal response is that “it’s a privacy issue,” and that they are not being told where they are being released to either. She knows of approximately 200 teenagers that have been released into her state, but she isn’t “allowed” to know where.

Her letter is a request to be informed and kept informed. A similar letter was also sent by Governor Pence of Indiana.

Greta Van Susteren questions Governor Fallin as to why they aren’t being told. The governor suspects they just don’t want them to know. She says she sees Obama as being for open borders and amnesty and she says the bottom line is that the state will be impacted and they have a right to have answers to those questions.

The governor has also taken the step of creating an online anti-amnesty petition, demanding border security and enforcement of immigration laws. That is a positive step to get the people involved in retaking control of their country, it will have no influence on the illegal alien occupying the White House.

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