[Watch] Obama’s Lack Of Competence Inspires No Confidence Even Among Liberals


Attention Barack Obama and Company: Ron Fournier has left the building.

As the scandals have stacked up under the Obama Regime rule, less and less are the American people confident that  government has the answer to any one problem.  Not that in the long run this is a bad thing, but there does have to be some level of confidence in government that they will be able to lead in times of crisis.  As of now, there is not enough confidence in the Obama Administration to face down Canada, let alone contain and prevent the spread of Ebola.  After all, someone actually came into the country carrying the disease after Obama declared that it could not be done.

And using incompetence as a defense?  Who the hell does that?  Definitely not real leadership material.

Kudos to Ron Fournier for being an honest liberal.  He has the courage to say what the rest of us are thinking.

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