[Watch] Obama’s DHS Orders “Expendable” Border Patrol to “Avoid Confrontation” – Don’t Shoot, Run Away


On the heels of a seventh indictment for the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry as well as the murder by illegal aliens of Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega Jr, Tucker Carlson asks what is going on at the border.

His guest is Retired Border Patrol Agent Zack Taylor, who says it’s worse than a free-for-all at the border, that they “are experiencing a general lawlessness” throughout the nation. Taylor says it started at the border long before Brian Terry was killed by weapons involved in Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious gun-running operation.

Taylor reminds the audience that in the year prior to the murder of Brian Terry, there had been three other shootings involving Border Patrol agents in that same area. On the night of his murder, Terry had been ordered to use bean bag rounds in his shotgun.

Taylor believes that is evidence “of a trend by the Department of Homeland Security to sacrifice the safety of their agents for political purposes, whatever they were.”

Carlson asks the justification for the use of bean bags in an area in which a “civil war” was ongoing but Taylor says that was never clear, but we do know that the gun smuggling was being overseen by the U.S. Attorney in Arizona. He says that call, to use bean bags against real shot and high powered rifles came from a source above the Border Patrol. He says, “It didn’t make any sense.”

Taylor is then asked if he feels like there is an effort on the part of the White House to soften or reduce our security at the border in order to make it easier for illegals to enter.

Mr. Taylor doesn’t hesitate, answering, “Oh, it is definitely a strategy of the administration to have the Border Patrol pull back and not meet force with force.” He lists as examples, agents being told to “run away from a rocking incident, to take cover. They’re telling them not to get into a confrontation, not to shoot at people,” He adds, “Well, that’s stupid.”

Taylor says, “The border is a very dangerous place and the more drugs and aliens get involved with coming into this country illegally, the more violence there’s going to be used against the Border Patrol agent. And the only way to keep that from happening is to meet force with force.”

He adds, “The agent has to have the discretion because it is his life on the line, not the guy sitting in Washington DC fiddling around with his computer.


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