[Watch] Obama’s a CEO Who Should Resign and a Long List of Reasons Why


Judge Jeanine Pirro makes the point that if the United States were a corporation (which some say it actually is) that the board members would be asking for the CEO’s resignation.

She puts it bluntly saying, “The world is going to Hell in a hand basket and Barack Obama doesn’t have the leadership, the instincts or even the interest to get America back on track.”

To support her assertions, Judge Pirro points out how 60% of Americans disapprove of his handling of the Israel/Hamas conflict while 57% similarly disapprove of his handling of the situations in Ukraine, Iraq and Afghanistan. Even worse, 68% percent disapprove of his actions on the southern border and consider it to be a very serious problem.

Obama’s response is to a House bill that thwarts his unconstitutional invasion from the south was to chastise those who want to correct the problem and mock them for going out on vacation. He, the king of recreation and fundraising during crises, has no room to talk.

The socialist in the White House labels the common-sense House response to his tyranny as “most extreme and unworkable,” and he may be right, it is extremely patriotic and unworkable in the face of socialist tyranny.

Judge Pirro asks Obama why the Border Patrol agents aren’t on the border, and points out that most of the so-called children are teens or older and most of those are males. She asks, “Other countries close their borders, why don’t we?”

Pirro points out how many Border Patrol officers are stationed inland, offering the opportunity for illegals to enter and then be apprehended and put into the induction into Democrat voter system. She asks if this is really a humanitarian crisis, where is the UN and its emergency relief coordinator.

She mentions the recent shipment of 1,000 illegals to Obama’s hometown of Chicago, the murder capital of America and too many inconsistencies and constitutional violations to enumerate. She also points out his many foreign policy mistakes, all of which points to that demand for a resignation she opened her open with.

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