[Watch] Obama Thrown a Life Ring By Texas Gov Perry, He Should Use It


B. Hussein Obama has decided to grant an audience to Texas Governor Rick Perry, permitting him to be in attendance at a theatrical gathering of  “faith leaders and immigration activists” during his upcoming Democrat Party fundraising trip.

It’s very telling that no anti-amnesty or pro-citizen or American sovereignty groups were invited to the discussion.

The host is quick to characterize the trip as an opportunity for Perry to elevate his national stature, which may to some degree, be true. The bobble heads seem content to sit by as their country is overrun.

While having a meeting with a president, even an illegitimate socialist one, might elevate one’s standing, Perry is not desperate. He actually refused a tarmac photo op with Obama and insisted upon substantive talks.

The concept of principle and country before politics is a hard thing this CNN host to grasp.

The fact that Obama’s first choice was an airport “walk and talk” speaks to his lack of any sincere interest in what Perry has to say. He failure to go to the border further illustrates his lack of concern.

A Tarmac meeting would have been nothing more than a photo-op and a moment in time to be referenced and mis-characterized in the future. The gathering he is attending, while still a public-relations event designed to influence public opinion, may offer an opportunity for meaningful discussions at some point. Perry feels obliged to try.

Obama will exchange the troublesome image of him at ground zero of the real assault on our nation for the friendly confines of handpicked, bleeding-heart clergy and pro-open border amnesty activists, most of whom couldn’t care less about border security or the American nation.

Perry must be aware that he has helped Obama save face. Without his offer, Obama would have been seen as continuing to completely refuse to become engaged in the border issue, a politically perilous position at this point in time. He might have even been forced to acknowledge his role in creating the crisis or in the worst case, move towards securing the border. We all know, from the Obama perspective, border security is to be avoided at any cost.

Obama will attempt to use Perry for political gain. The regime will undoubtedly use every means at their disposal to steer and limit the content of the conversation, particularly that which is conducted in front of cameras.

We can hope that Perry has a Texas surprise or two for his visitor, and is up to the task of turning the tables on Open Borders Obama.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us