[Watch] Obama Sticking His, Holder’s Noses Into Ferguson To Spark Race Riots


Laura Ingraham hosts the O’Reilly Factor, focusing in on the unrest in Ferguson, MO. She plays a clip of Obama, who oversees the most secretive regime in American history, proclaiming that “The local authorities, including the police, have a responsibility to be open and transparent about how they are investigating that death and how they are protecting the people in their communities.”

Attempting to portray himself as the reasonable, wise peacemaker, Obama reminds his listeners that “There is never an excuse for violence against police or for those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting.”

Obama then gets to the meat of his message, what prompted his remarks and the interruption of his peaceful vacation. He says, “There is also no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests, or to throw protesters in jail for lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights.”

Ingraham has a few things to say about Obama and Holder “jumping into another local criminal justice situation, and once again he does this before all of the facts have been gathered, before authorities on the ground have completed their own investigation.

She lists many of the false charges of racism that have come from the mouths of Obama and his race-baiting Attorney General, highlighting their counter productivity and negative impact. She exposes his comments as intimating that the Missouri police are out of control, labeling them as “irresponsible” and “dangerous speculation.”

She raises the obvious specter that the motivation for Obama’s comments is political, that he intends to use this crisis to stir up his black supporters and create a diversion away from his failed administration to the evils of “Whitey.”

In view of the real problems that America faces today, many of them deliberate creations of the Obama regime, Ingraham argues that he should stop micromanaging local police and stop playing the politics of division.

She adds, “There is supposed to be a difference between being president of the United States and a liberal commentator on Salon.com.”

Mike Tobin reports that the comments from Obama were perceived by the rioters/protesters as being supportive of their cause and their actions.

She questions a local radio personality, McGraw Milhaven on the apparent opportunism and hooliganism that is going on in the city. He points out that there have been no injuries as a result of the supposed police brutality, which would tend to discredit that claim.

Milhaven says the only video that has been shown is of some media being told to move, arrested and tear-gassed. While that may have been inappropriate, even illegal, the narrative of rampant police abuse of individuals and civil liberties is simply false.

She also points out how the Holder DOJ is swarming in to take advantage of the events, federalizing the mess before the investigation has even been completed.

Milhaven describes how the “protesters/looters” have been aggressively taunting and attempting to provoke police, spitting on them, getting in their faces and holding signs that say “FTP” in an attempt to create an incident. He says the police have largely been left out to dry on this one.

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