[Watch] Obama Regime Worst in American History, Not Bumbling Idiots, Liars


“It’s extremely unlikely for those data loses to actually occur.” That is the opinion of computer expert David Kennedy, in regards to the supposed accidental glitch that created the two-year gap in Lois Lerner’s emails.

He also said it would be a “really big deal if they don’t have any documentation on how they tried to recover the information there.”

Dana Perino makes a point that the lack of respect for the American people that is being displayed through their intentional deceit puts them in the position of deserving none in return. They realize over the course of the conversation that they have been conditioned to give the benefit of the doubt where it is not deserved and call the regime’s actions for what they are.

Part of that deceit is to pretend that you are an incompetent boob. For people who value self-respect, it is not possible. For the regime, it’s SOP.

Andrea Tantaros hits it out of the park saying, “This is the worst administration in the history of the United States of America and they are completely comfortable looking like a bunch of bumbling idiots, and you know what? They don’t look like bumbling idiots any more, they look like liars.”

And that thing about the emails being on her hard drive, what about the copies sitting on servers? Why not just provide those?

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