[Watch] Obama Prepping the Public – Forced Into Dicatorial Acts by Inaction of Others, Tyranny Not His Fault


The justification of lawlessness under an umbrella of false “humanitarian needs” continues. The occupier of the White House held a press conference on Friday in which he repeated the mantra that he is being forced by others to act dictatorially regarding the invasion of illegals which he, himself is orchestrating.

He made the false claim and the mafia-style threat that if Republicans wanted to avoid his abusive executive actions they could cave and pass his dictates in the form of legislation. Either way, the regime has reached the pivotal point in which the rule of law and the rights of the citizens will not be respected. The political agenda of the socialist Democrats is being implemented.

He says a re-allocation of funds is being necessary because of a failure by others to approve new money to handle the crisis which he created and dumped into our national lap. The song of false justification is the same; Obama the humanitarian against the evil Republicans and the American citizens.

Obama says he has no choice because he has run out of money. That is what happens when you throw it away on things you can’t afford, like free support for all the people of Latin America. He says he is funding the “basic functions that ‘have to take place’ down there.”

Of course, as words which came out of the mouth of B. Hussein Obama, they are once again characteristically untrue. These functions do not have to take place. These people have homes in their countries to which they could and should be returned. They only take place because an illegitimate tyrant has seized the reins of our government and is actively turning our Republic into a totalitarian monarchy.

We don’t need to properly house these “children.” An airplane or bus seat is all they need. We have no need for more judges, a key element to legalizing the illegals. They will be little more than racist La Raza agents playing the role of activist judges and elevating the unilateral dictatorial action through the application of a judicial stamp of legitimacy. That “judicial determination” will tie the hands of the American citizens even further.

He repeats his absurd assertion that if Republicans in the House are “concerned about me acting independently of Congress” which misses the point. They and the American people are concerned about him acting independently of the law, in a manner that is destructive to our country. That is quite a different issue. The socialists are masters at framing the debate in a manner of their choosing.

He also confuses, deliberately, the number of executive actions with their destructive impact. All executive actions are not equal.

Obama says he and an anonymous House member were discussing the border bill while Obama was “briefing him” and that they agreed on 80 percent of the border issues. If that person really does exist, which, given the source of the comments is unlikely, Obama should name names. In all likelihood, they share similar ideologies, and he’s an American-hating RINO who is also seeking the destruction of our nation. He or she is definitely not a patriot.

Obama goes one step further and takes a shot at the complicit John Boehner’s failed House “leadership” for not delivering the goods on amnesty as they were supposed to with the clock ticking down and Congressmen ready for their unearned vacations. That will undoubtedly resurface as a future justification for his anticipated dictatorial decrees.

Soon the tune will get to the verse where it goes beyond the allocation of funds and effectively makes the United States part of Latin America; all under the guise of a humanitarian act by our caring and benevolent dear leader.

We’ve seen this play out before and it doesn’t turn out well for the good guys.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us