[Watch] Obama “Not Asking For the Moon,” Just Promising It – His Wish List, His Vision, His BS


The great deceiver, the most insincere, dishonest person on the planet, B. Hussein Obama, gave a speech before an assemblage of his useful idiots over Labor Day in Wisconsin.

These are some of the very people that will be among the first victims of his illegal alien amnesty. These same labor leaders are selling out their current members in the pursuit of personal enrichment and self-preservation by supporting Obama in his importation of a new, low cost foreign work force.

Idiots make effective props. They are willing to stand and sweat in the heat, applauding the particularly sweet-sounding lies, too lazy or lacking in acumen to pursue an interest in the truth.

Obama talks in his speech as if he just woke up six years into our nightmare and discovered he has a vision for our economy, the same one has spent the better part of a decade dismantling.

He says, “I’ve got a vision of an economy where opportunity is open to everybody that is willing to work hard. I want an economy where new long term investments in American energy and American infrastructure and American manufacturing and American innovation are unleashing new jobs in new industries. Right here in Wisconsin, right here in Milwaukee. An economy where our workers have the chance to [earn] new skills that lead to that good job.”

He continues, “Where our children graduate from school fully prepared for the global competition they’re going to face. I want an economy where your hard work pays off, with higher wages and higher incomes and fair pay for women and workplace flexibility for parents,” adding, “and affordable health insurance and decent retirement benefits.

He closes saying, “I’m not asking for the moon, I just want a good deal for American workers,” as the idiots applaud on cue.

He’s of course the main impediment to any of that happening. It can and still might take place once he is gone, given the right set of circumstances.

To stimulate investment the tax structure is going to have to be retooled. As for the high wages, the applauding seals behind him can kiss that idea goodbye. The subject of their adoration is about to add another ten percent to our legal workforce with the stroke of a pen. They’ll be lucky to keep the jobs they have at the same rate, let alone improve their situation.

Those higher energy prices that he’s forcing upon American manufacturing through his “wonder of windmills” fantasy energy program are going to price many businesses out of existence as well, or at least into a move overseas. Their jobs will move with them.

Add to the mix the restrictive EPA regulations and the situation for investment in Americas is a very hostile one. The climate for business creation and economic growth is much better in virtually any other western nation. The reason for that and the number one antagonist is B. Hussein Obama.

America doesn’t need a narcissistic blowhard to show us the road to recovery. We can find it ourselves, if he’ll just get out of the way. Our journey begins when the moving van pulls up to the White House.

Without him and his fellow socialist controllers cluttering up the landscape, America can survive. With them, we cannot. It is that simple.

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