[Watch] Obama Needs to Just “Call Gay Athletes and Stay Off The Global Stage”


The setup for the discussion is that the once-touted No Drama of Obama has gone from being what “made him so cool” to a negative. Now, the detached, disinterested demeanor is reinforcing the perception of ineptitude in the White House.

Andrea Tantaros asks why does it always have to be about him. She thinks Obama is “un-coachable” and that rather than Democrats and pundits worrying about what kind of next two years Obama is going to have, we should all be concerned about the kind of years the rest of the country is going to have.

She names a list of things that she doesn’t expect the president to do, including agreeing to behave in a “more flexible” manner with our enemies after an election.

She says if Obama can’t even enforce our own borders, he is not going to be able to enforce the borders of other countries. She has a solution, and it should be one that is right up Obama’s ally.


She says rather than getting involved in issues where real armies march, he should confine himself to calling gay athletes, holding war on women press conferences. She says to let him talk about birth control and infrastructure, but she doesn’t want him playing on a global stage.

Tantaros continues saying, “He’s going to muddle it and mess it up, so everybody hold your nose and hang on, the next two years are going to be crazy.”

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