[Watch] Obama Holding America Hostage – CNN Delivers Ransom Note


A recent report by CNN on the border and the political posturing that is going on around it perfectly encapsulates the media bias, their portrayal of the Obama regime’s propaganda as news and their efforts to conceal the Obama culpability in creating the mess in the first place.

They open with the claim that U.S. officials are struggling to contain the flood of illegals crossing into the U.S. across the Mexican border, giving the false impression that we are doing everything we possibly can to stop it and nothing is working.

The reality is that our Border Patrol is doing nothing other than collecting up the illegals, transporting them to receive their documents and support authorizations and going back for another load. That is not an effort at containment. That is facilitating. If our government wanted to eliminate the problem, it would already be gone.

The reporter then says the Obama administration is begging Congress for help. Not true. Firstly, the situation is one of their own creation, that they are dumping in the laps of the American people. They are asking for money, not to stem the influx, as the reporter infers, but to continue to process them unabated into the country, encouraging more to follow.

The reporter attempts to shift responsibility from the regime to Congress. As we know, Hussein Obama never takes responsibility for anything, and CNN is doing their part.

Not having enough money to perpetuate the illegal invasion is somehow presented as being a bad thing. The truth is we don’t have enough money for any of this, so send them back now without wasting any more.

The graphic shows a request for $3.7 billion and lists three items to be covered in that expenditure. The report fails to mention that only 2 percent of that money is to be applied to anything that resembles enforcement. The other 98 percent, $3.63 billion, goes towards facilitating the invasion.

They then play a clip of Democrat hack Barbara Mikulski of MD, who says that “the children” are seeking refuge from organized crime, despicable gangs, and vile human traffickers. She believes that children who can barely decide what cereal to have for breakfast or which socks match, are able to determine on their own that things are too bad in their native land and they must embark on a 1,700 mile journey to America.

She also makes the ridiculous assertion that their “loving parents” placed them into the hands of vile human traffickers and despicable gangs in order to escape those same human traffickers and despicable gang members. She’s reading from a text and still didn’t find it too absurd to put her name to it.

They then roll out the real short-term objective, to force the American people to accept an invasion in order to fundamentally transform America into Obama’s Democrat-favoring demographic.

They trot out Xavier Becerra, a Democrat who, by comparison, makes Harry Reid look thoughtful and pro-American; to make the argument that if we want the pain to stop, just agree to their terms.

These are the tactics of the Gestapo and movie mobsters which should be beneath the dignity and morality of a sitting senator. Unfortunately, the threshold for Democrat conduct can always be lowered.

The impact upon our nation is of no concern. Becerra clearly represents Hispanics first, Democrats second and Himself third. The rest of the American people can pound sand.

He talks of a common sense fix. Common sense also means recognizing thuggish Senators and officials and refusing to reward their gangland-style behavior.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us